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At Processa, we develop drugs with a high potential return on investment and are designed to de-risk programs efficiently by targeted study and careful execution of clinical trials. We focus on drugs that have clinical evidence of efficacy and treat conditions with a high unmet medical need.

We actively seek drug development opportunities that address unmet needs (preferably at a clinical stage of development) where we can apply our risk abated development strategy to provide design, development and execution of clinical study.

We will identify sales, marketing and distribution partners at the appropriate stage of development to commercially launch our products.


Our current patent portfolio consists of patents licensed from CoNCERT Pharmaceuticals for PCS499 and related compounds. The intellectual property includes composition of matter, methods of use, and certain chemical processes in various countries worldwide. Our U.S. and European patents are expected to expire between 2029 and 2031.

We have licensed in the following products:
  • PCS6422 from Elion Oncology, Inc.
  • PCS499 from CoNCERT Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • PCS12852 from Yuhan Corporation
  • PCS11T from Aposense, LTD
  • PCS3117 from Ocuphire Pharma, Inc.

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