Product Pipeline

A Pipeline that is Defined by Patients Needs

At Processa Pharmaceuticals, we focus on developing drugs that target life-threatening and life-compromising chronic diseases. These drugs are ready, or near ready, for clinical development. We acquire therapies that already have demonstrated some clinical data to support the targeted treatment: studies of the drug itself, an analog of the drug, or a drug with similar pharmacological targets. We then work with the FDA to define a complete development program and out-license the drug before or after the pivotal study.

Our Portfolio of De-risked Pre-clinical and Clinical Assets

PCS499 for Ulcerative Necrobiosis Lipoidica

PCS499 for Ulcerative Necrobiosis Lipoidica

We are developing PCS499 to treat ulcerative Necrobiosis Lipodica, which has no approved treatment options.

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PCS6422 for Colorectal and Metastatic Breast Cancer

PCS6422 for Colorectal and Metastatic Breast Cancer

We are developing PCS6422 to improve the safety and effectiveness of chemotherapy.

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PCS12852 for Postoperative GI Dysfunction

PCS12852 is intended to treat gastrointestinal dysfunction, a common cause of prolonged hospital stays following surgery.

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PCS11T for Various Cancers

PCS11T is a more stable, targeted, patient-friendly alternative to irinotecan, developed to treat colorectal, small cell lung, and pancreatic cancers.

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PCS3117 for Pancreatic & Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

On June 17, 2021, we entered into a licensing agreement with Ocuphire Pharma, Inc. (NASDAQ: OCUP) to license in RX-3117.  RX-3117 is an oral, anticancer agent with an improved pharmacological profile relative to gemcitabine and other nucleoside analogs. Rx-3117 has a family of patents extending into 2036 as well as U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Orphan Designation for the treatment of Pancreatic Cancer.  Processa will evaluate the potential benefit of RX-3117 for patients with such cancers as pancreatic or non-small cell lung cancer.

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