Our Primary Focus: Patients

We Start Our Programs to Address Unmet Medical Needs that Improve the Quality of Life for Our Patients and their Families

Processa Pharmaceuticals is committed to improving the quality of life for patients with unmet medical needs. Our approach to development, always starts with the needs of the patient, from acquisition through development we are focused on intelligently designing and completing trials with critical data that permit efficient evaluation of the risk/benefit of our pharmacological solutions. We believe our de-risked approach leads to a higher probability of success; and when patients win, we all win.

About Our Company

Our Mission: To Develop Effective Pharmacological Solutions

Our product pipeline puts patients first. Our drug candidates are intended for patients who have limited treatment options for their conditions. Our leading candidates include:

Colorectal and Metastatic Breast Cancer

PCS6422 aims to make the cornerstone of chemotherapy safer and more effective.

Ulcerative Necrobiosis Lipoidica (NL)

PCS499 aims on a durable solution for chronic Ulcerative Necrobiosis Lipoidica.

Gastroparesis and Opioid-induced Constipation

PCS12852 aims on providing a safer and more effective treatment for gastroparesis and GI motility.

Our Driving Force: Successful Patient Outcomes

Our leadership team was brought together by a common goal: to help patients suffering from life-threatening and life-compromising chronic diseases. The starting point for all our programs begins with unmet medical needs for patients and caregivers. We allocate our resources to accelerate development of these life improving solutions. Our strong foundation stems from our development teams’ having successfully worked together in the past and accumulating an enviable track record.

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